Video Surfaces Of Freddie Gibbs Getting Jumped In Buffalo Amid Beef With Benny The Butcher

Joe AppleNights

May 17th, 2022

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The beef between Freddie Gibbs and Benny The Butcher escalates as Freddie Gibbs is jumped in Buffalo, New York and allegedly has his chain snatched in the process.

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Back in March, when Benny The Butcher was doing a Spotify live session, he revealed to the world that the chance for collaboration between him and Freddie Gibbs had “came and went”. If you know anything about Freddie Gibbs, he responds to everything and doesn’t shy away about how he feels.

While Benny didn’t say anything too crazy or wild, this would set off a beef between the two. That beef would be cemented by Freddie Gibbs going on Instagram to address rappers that keep his name in their mouths. In the video, Gibbs suggested rappers just ignore any questions about him when his name comes up in interviews.

To make matters worse, just a few days later, he went on Twitter with a simple shoutout to ‘Houston n****z”. Seems harmless, but Houston is where Benny The Butcher was ambushed and shot and fans quickly picked up on the subliminal message.

Benny the Butch offered up a simple response, revealing Gibbs begged to do a collaboration album with him in the past.

While a few tweets got sent back and forth, for the most part, the beef felt more like a misunderstanding between two rappers. That is, until this weekend, when Freddie Gibbs caught the beats while he was in Benny’s hometown of Buffalo for a show.

According to TMZ, the brawl went down on Saturday at Dinosaur Bar-B-Que in Buffalo. Social media was quick to claim the people jumping on Gibbs were associates of Benny The Butcher.

In the video, Freddie can be seen in the green fighting for his life. It almost looks like a clip from the WWE Royal Rumble. Even after the beating, Gibbs still showed up and performed for his fans–lumps and all. This is the second time Freddie allegedly caught the beats after a reported run-in with Jim Jones at Prime112.

Rumblings have surfaced that Gibbs’ chain was also stolen, but he posted up at ICEBOX to prove nobody took anything from him. While this is insanity, luckily, no one pulled out any weapons, which is a sign that this is a true old head beef.

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