That’s Convenient: Colorado Rockies Say Fan Yelled “Dinger” Not “Ni**er”, Claims He Was Calling Mascot

Joe AppleNights

August 10th, 2021

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San Francisco Giants v Colorado Rockies

Source: Dustin Bradford / Getty

Yesterday, we reported on one of the most blatantly egregious examples of the racism that Black professional athletes face from “fans”. Florida Marlins player Lewis Brinson was allegedly attacked with loud screams of “ni**ger!” from a Colorado Rockies fan during his 9th inning at-bat. The shouts were picked up by microphones and can be heard audibly in the clip below.

According to ESPN, the Rockies say that after they investigated the incident they determined that the fan was “actually” screaming for “Dinger!” their mascot. We’re not sure why a fan would be screaming for the mascot when the opposing team is at bat but sure, Jan.

For his part, Brinson says that he still hears the n-word despite whatever investigation the Rockies did. We hear it too.

A Florida Marlins rep says they don’t know nothin’ bout nothin’.

Marlins spokesperson Jason Latimer told The Associated Press via text message on Sunday that “neither Lewis, nor any other Marlins on the field or in the dugout, heard what was shouted.”

The incident obviously caused quite a stir yesterday and we can only imagine that a bunch of Trump-lovin’ white men are rejoicing and dancing a jig comparing this to Bubba Watson and Jussie Smollett. Clowns.

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