‘Stop Doing Drugs, Sis!’ Battery Victim Speaks Out After Blac Chyna Allegedly Kicked Her In The Stomach During Bar Fight

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May 7th, 2022

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It’s been less than a week since Blac Chyna lost her $100 Million lawsuit against the JennerDashians and she could already be on her way back to court sometime soon. No, the influencer didn’t meet her $400K fundraising goal yet to appeal the recent defamation case. According to TMZ, a woman filed accused Chyna of breaking her cell phone and kicking her in the stomach during an argument early Friday morning.

The Los Angeles Police Department confirmed that they are investigating a battery reported by Sequoya King, who claims a drug-fueled Chyna attacked her at an L.A. bar. King said the incident began with the reality star feeling paranoid that other people in the bar were recording her. This is an understandable concern, especially after a weeks-long high-profile court appearance to sue one of the most famous families in the world.

Amateur paparazzi lurking at bars just comes with the job when you’re famous, but apparently, that’s the last place Cyna needed to be. The reality star confronted King, accusing the woman of secretly recording her on a cell phone. King denied the accusation, but Chyna refused to believe her.

King said the heated exchange turned physical when Chyna snatched the phone from her hand and slammed it on the ground. Chyna allegedly charged right at King and then kicked her in the stomach. The alleged victim told TMZ that the attack only stopped when Chyna’s friends dragged her out of the bar and into a car.

If you’re worried about people watching and clocking all your moves in public, a beatdown at the bar won’t get you any privacy anytime soon. The mother of two was already under new scrutiny for a bad temper and abusive tendencies after the defamation case revealed Chyna held a gun to the head of Robert Kardashian, the father of their 5-year-old daughter Dream.

Sequoya spoke out about the incident in her own words on a Facebook post.

“I was assaulted by Blac Chyna! My phone was snatched by her and destroyed and while trying to defend myself, she kicked me in my stomach. I have done everything to resolve the matter peacefully, but at this point she needs to be exposed!” King wrote in the post.

“Stop doing drugs, sis! It’s not a good look. I’ve been disrespected, yet I remain humble. It’s not about the money. I just want a new phone and she has to be held accountable for her actions!”

Yikes! Hold those hands (and feet) until you get in the ring for your upcoming celebrity boxing match, Chyna.

Blac Chyna and her legal team have not yet responded to these allegations.

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