Paranormal P-Poppery: Funniest, Wildest & Pettiest Tweets From The Latest ‘P-Valley’ Episode

Joe AppleNights

June 13th, 2022

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The Pynk is haunted???

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Source: Starz

After smashing records with last week’s long-awaited premiere, ‘P-Valley’ returned with new booty meat, a deeper dive into Keyshawn’s toxic swirlationship with Derek, Megan Thee Stallion, Relly Rell, and Jessica Betts cameos, and some spooky shenanigans that stirred up hilarious chaos across the internet.

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Source: Starz

Series creator/showrunner Katori Hall touched on the darker elements baked into this season without mentioning anything about root work or GHOSTS that had us clutching our blessed crystals the entire time.

“…every single character is dealing with being haunted—haunted by the past, haunted by their mistakes,” said Hall when asked about the ‘darkness’ in Season 2.

“And I think we’re all going to see how there is a literal and figurative haunting that occurs inside and outside the Pynk. Those characters that went into that room — Hailey, Mercedes, and Uncle Clifford — they’re going to be haunted by what happened in that room.”

In an unexpected twist, Diamond performs a root work ritual on Mercedes after she falls off the pole during her performance. Earlier in the episode, she complained about being weighed down by shoulder pain that Diamond reveals is the weight of carrying someone else’s drama.

The unsettling scene delves into powerful Black spirituality embedded in deep south culture that continues to shine on the authentically written series.

As expected, we meet newcomers Miracle Watts as Big Bone, Shamika Cotton as Farrah, Gail Bean as Roulette, and Psalms Salazar as Whisper who fit perfectly into the messy fabric of the Pynk.

P-Valley assets

Source: Starz

With so much happening in only 2 episodes, we have one eye on Diamond and the other on clairvoyant newbie Whisper who we suspect will discover the Pynk’s dirty little secret.

Also worth noting is Montavious’ ghost appearing in the security camera which tells us that we’re not AT ALL ready for what’s about to happen this season.

How do you feel about the spiritual elements of Episode 2? Tell us down below and peep the Twitter hysteria over the latest episode on the flip.

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