Let’s Gooooooo! Glorilla’s Terrifically Twerktastic F-Boy Free Anthem ‘F.N.F.’ Is A P-Poppery Contender For Song Of The Summer

Joe AppleNights

June 13th, 2022

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Happy Black Music Month! In celebration of the month that’s been highlighting the contributions of African-American musicians, composers, singers, and songwriters since 1979, we’re introducing you to fresh faces for our #BOSSIPSounds’ Black Music Month Mondays and Fresh Face Fridays series. These brilliantly buzzworthy artists are on our radar and we think they should be on yours too.

Up first is a certain Memphian who’s free-spiritedly shattering social media with her polarizing track.

Meet Memphis Rapper Glorilla Whose Track “F.N.F” Is Rising To The Top

Say “no” to f-boys, says “yes” to Glorilla. That’s exactly what a number of people are saying while rattling their trunks to the bars of this rapper’s rising summer anthem.

“F.N.F (Let’s Go)” – which stands for “F**k N***a Free” and is produced by Hitkidd, first made waves on social media when numerous Instagram pages lauded it as the “ratchet song of the summer.” “F.N.F’s”s raucous music video shows the petite emcee, née Gloria Woods, enjoying her freedom and partying with her girlfriends in the streets by any means. Yes, the girls are drinking Hennessy and twerking on top of a car, and yes, one is noticeably pregnant and getting belly rubs on camera.

A simple Twitter search will show you that the Internet’s divided about what to think about the video from “Big Glo” and HitKidd that has over 15 MILLION views on Youtube. Some are decrying it as “too ghetto”, “distasteful” and for the “father-less.”

Others, including rapper Saweetie who teased that she’s on the official remix of the song, are enjoying the bass-riddled 2-minute escape from real-life hardships, and real-life f-boys while “twerking at the red lights.” It’s simple, to the point, and fun. It’s what summer should feel like.

Cardi B also weighed in on a comments section about “F.N.F.” and voiced her approval…

and several people including Saucy Santana just couldn’t resist hopping on the viral track themselves.

TikTok Creators Can’t Stop Making Videos To “F.N.F”

“F.N.F” is the kind of unabashed content from Glorilla that’s turning the world [yes the world] on its head whether people approve of it or not. It’s clear that as creators prep for a “hot girl” and “city boy” summer, they’re using Glo’s track to do. As of today, there are over 76K platform-generated creations combined to the song. Creators are Memphis jookin’ to the track and giving their own creative takes on the rapper’s hit.



The track also reached #1 on the U.S . Spotify Viral 50 chart and reached over 1.5M+ streams within a month of its release. Billboard also recently announced that “F.N.F” entered the Hot 100 at no. 91.


The success of the song isn’t lost on Glorilla who recently recapped her long journey in the music business.

A lot of people think ts happened for me overnight not knowing the hard work & passion I been putting in for years to get here !!” the rapper captioned a side-by-side photo of herself previously posing with fast food napkins beside a pic of her posing with stacks of cash. 

“I went thru humiliation, no support allat ! I done cried so many nights in my pillow because i felt like I wasn’t elevating but I never gave up !! Always said WHEN & not IF , Manifestation is real !!!”

It is indeed, Glorilla.


What do YOU think about Glorilla and HitKidd’s “F.N.F”?

What’s that thing the kids say on social media these days? The girls that get it, get it, and the girls that don’t—-well, you know the rest.


—dani canada

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