KKKOVID Killer: Payton Gendron’s Family Blames Murderous Hate Crime Against Black People On Loneliness And Pandemic Paranoia

Joe AppleNights

May 17th, 2022

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Ten People Killed In Mass Shooting At Buffalo Food Market

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They say if you have nothing nice to say, then say nothing at all but f**k all that. We are actively wishing bad on Payton Gendron and his family.

The massacre that took place at Tops grocery store in a Black neighborhood in Buffalo, New York has shaken the people of the community and African-Americans across the nation. We’re well aware of the evil that lurks in the hearts of a lot of white people and we are regularly reminded of their capacity to inflict harm on us because of the color of our skin. Watching brothas and sistas die is enraging enough but hearing the weak a** excuses as to why things like this happen will send you into an apoplectic rage.

The family of mass murderer Payton Gendron is speaking out about the horrific hate crime and according to the NYPost, they are offering up one of the most offensive arguments ever in defense of a blatant killer.

“I have no idea how he could have gotten caught up in this. I blame it on COVID,’’ said Sandra Komoroff, 68, a cousin of Gendron’s mom, Pamela, referring to the teen’s alleged hate-fueled rampage that left 10 black people dead at a Tops Friendly Market on Saturday.

“He was very paranoid about getting COVID, extremely paranoid, to the point that — his friends were saying — he would wear the hazmat suit [to school],” she said.

Not video games, not movies, not TV shows, not even the internet, a pandemic disease. A pandemic disease caused him to write the n-word on his rifle, murder 10 Black people, and apologize to a white person for almost shooting them?

“That’s the only way to say it. And when you’re home all day on the internet, you’re missing out on human contact,” Sandra said. “There’s a lot of emotions and a lot of body language you’re not getting [as] when you see their face.”

These people can all choke.

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