Jesus Take The Wheel: Lesbian Moms Awarded $4 Million After Adopted Child Is Returned Then Murdered

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August 22nd, 2017

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Lesbian Couple Awarded $4 Million After Adoptive Son Is Returned And Killed

We know the headline to this story sounds crazy, so give us a moment to explain what the hell is going on here.

According to Yahoo! a lesbian couple in Iowa, Rachel and Heidi McFarland, had gone through the painstaking and somewhat invasive process of child adoption in 2014. Their lives were scrutinized top to bottom and eventually they were given custody of a 16-year-old Markeya Atkins’ child, Gabriel.

For 2 1/2 months, Gabriel lived with Rachel and Heidi, until the day that Markeya Atkins decided that she wanted the boy back.

According to WHOTV, the state of Iowa allows the mother 3 months and and additional 31 day probation period to change her mind after giving a child up to adoptive parents.

Here’s where s#it gets UGLY.

Markeya left Gabriel with his father, Drew Weehler-Smith, to run a few errands. When she returned, Drew was gone and the Gabriel was found laying unresponsive. He would die at the hospital and Drew was arrested for his murder.

Where does the $4 million come in? Well…

Rachel and Heidi sued their lawyer for negligence because he failed to filed the necessary paperwork to make the adoption legal and block Markeya from changing her mind.

They were awarded $4 million that they will likely never see, but they wanted to ensure that no adoptive parents ever have to go through anything like this.

“We had him for 78 days. We loved him from the first idea… We cut his little mohawk off,” Rachel told People.

“All we have left of him is his hair, and little did we know, that would be all we had left of him.”

Three mothers, all mourning the loss of their son all because some half-azz lawyer could do his job properly. So sad.

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