Gangsta Smooches: Kevin Gates Gives Turk A Kiss To Prove Their Bond Is Platonic [Video]

Joe AppleNights

August 19th, 2021

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Kevin Gates Performs At The Warfield

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Rappers Turk and Kevin Gates showed each other some brotherly love today, kiss included amid a “controversial” interview. The Louisiana recording artists likely displayed their same-sex affection to each other to be facetious after Turk’s recent interview with Vlad TV went viral.

In the clip, Turk explained to Vlad that the ritual of Cash Money artists, such as himself and Lil Wayne kissing their CEO Birdman on the lips in their heyday was anything but “gay.”

The rapper denied that there was anything sexual about it even though fans speculated that Birdman was allegedly grooming the young rappers in the late 90s – early 200s.

“Nobody around Cash Money was gay,” said Turk noting that it was a “mafia-style” thing that social media warped into something else. “It’s just like somebody hitting somebody on the a** while they’re playing basketball. That dont mean they gay. Now knowing what I know now, we can’t even do no s** like that because automatically people’s mindset is like this.”


“That wasn’t no gay act to us, every male have some type of gay game, penitenary game that they play with their hoeeboy. Every n*** might be like ‘Damn, bi*ch you sexy today!’” added the rapper noting that he’s comfortable with his sexuality as a straight man. “If you a real n*** man, y’all come on and keep it real. Every n*** got inside jokes that they play with their n***s.”


Fast forward to today, a clip of Turk meeting up with Kevin Gets surface online showing Gates leaning in to give the rapper a kiss on his forehead. Turk says in the clip, “Real n***s do real s***, man.” Kevin Gates laughs while putting his arm around his buddy and gives him a kiss, saying;

“I love you to death, you know that big dog.”

After kissing Turk, Kevin Gates sprinkles in a bit of wisdom, “Those who mind don’t matter,” he explains. “Those who matter don’t mind.”

Good for them.

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