DaDefense: Nick Cannon Claims DaBaby Shouldn’t Be Canceled For His Recent Homophobic Comments

Joe AppleNights

August 11th, 2021

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Nick Cannon says DaBaby shouldn’t be canceled for his homophobic comments At Rolling Loud.

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DaSaga following DaBaby and his Rolling Loud comments has  been going on for weeks, and things are far from over. Everything seemed to be dying down after he was called out by Elton John and had several festival appearances cancelled. Then, over the weekend, eagle-eyed fans noticed his apology for these comments was deleted from his Instagram page, throwing more flames to the fire.

During his recent stop by Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club, Nick Cannon offered his thoughts on the situation, saying we should not be canceling DaBaby, the New York Post reports.

“First of all, I think not only in the black community — and I’ve experienced it — but definitely just men a lot of times, we have that ego. We believe apologizing is weakness when it actually takes great strength to step up to anyone and say, ‘I was wrong,’” Cannon said on the radio show.

He admitted that DaBaby’s comments were unwarranted and believed the “Under the Sun” rapper could endure a period of “growth” following the situation.

“I know Baby. And that’s a strong brother… That man just lost his pops, his brother, all the things that he [has been through] and still to have that big smile that he has every day, knowing everything that he comes [from]? I grew up in Charlotte [for] part of my life — I know that life,” Cannon added. “He a fighter. We’ve seen his back against the wall. He’s swinging. He’s swinging just so he could get out. We all have to accept emotion.”

The “Drumline” actor continued, “I challenge all these people who actually want to cancel somebody, and even specifically in DaBaby’s situation, let’s use this as an opportunity for education. Because that’s what happened in my scenario to where I still stuck true to the truths. [My minister] told me that I don’t ever want falsehood to come out of my mouth, so if I’m saying something that is not correct about your community, show me where I’m incorrect. Correct me.”

“If I’m saying these things about the LGBTQIA community, show me where I’m wrong,” he said. “Not only is that going to help me, but you’re going to help so many other people who think like me. There are so many DaBabys out there.”

Nick, unlike others who attempted to support DaBaby in the situation, makes the most sense of the situation. Educating is better than canceling, but there has to be a lack of ego from the side under fire–which obviously isn’t how DaBaby is approaching things.

Hopefully, sooner than later, we can put an end to DaSaga because at this point, all eyes will be on his Summer Jam performance, since it’s his only festival left. You can catch Nick’s comments in the full interview below.

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