Amy Schumer Posts Buffalo Shooting Statement After Call Out For Not Having The ‘Triggered & Traumatized’ Tears She Had For Will Smith

Joe AppleNights

May 20th, 2022

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A few things—first, the internet can be a petty place where Black people don’t forget the eye-roll-worthy things prominent white people say. Secondly, Black people are upset right now. A white supremacist gunman shot and killed 10 Black people in Buffalo, New York, for no other apparent reason than because said Black people existed. Third, Amy Schumer is annoying AF. She is the white woman embodiment of nails on a chalkboard.

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Now, you might be wondering how all the aforementioned points are connected. What does Schumer have to do with the shooting in Buffalo? Well, nothing, really. Except that, some people (Black people mostly) apparently noticed that she didn’t have the same “white woman in emotional distress” energy in response to the shooting that she had when Will Smith slapped Chris Rock.

“Anyone hear about Amy Schumer being traumatized by yesterday’s shooting? I wanna see something,” a Black woman who goes by Shay Savage online posted.

Now, to many people (white people mostly) this is going to seem like a bit of a stretch, but I get it. Again, Schumer is annoying, and all of that bloviating she did about how “triggered” and “traumatized” she was over a thing that did not happen to her gave off major “demure white woman vs big scary Black guy” vibes and a lot of us were like, “Komedy Karen, please sit yourself down somewhere.” And frankly, this is not the first time Schumer has come off like the secret love child of White Feminism and Veiled Racism.

But whatever, Schumer saw the post and constructed a lengthy response that started, “I’m getting a lot of posts like this,” which, honestly, should tell her something about herself.

“Sending love to all the people in pain. If it makes you feel better to write this stuff to me have at it. But I’m crushed like all of you,” Schumer wrote.

“We are grieving with the people of Buffalo who have lost their loved ones and we ache with communities across the country that have once again born witness to an act of white supremacist terror,” she went on to say after centering herself and all the “work” she’s done to “fight this sickness we live in.”

“This mass shooting was an act of racist, hate-motivated violence, and an entire community has been forever traumatized. Once again, our country must reconcile its embrace of hate and easy access to guns.”

She continued her post by advocating for gun control and declaring that “We need more than thoughts and prayers.”

Listen; I’m not saying she’s not being sincere, I’m just saying she didn’t post all of this before she got called out for her silence.

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