Coronavirus! Nail Tech Turns COVID-19 Pandemic Into Dazzling 3D Nail Art

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March 26th, 2020

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Close-Up Of Colorful Artificial Nails

Source: mikroman6 / Getty

Here’s a very important coronavirus related update that won’t make you quiver. A talented nail tech by the name of Mei Kawajiri is going viral for her super interesting COVID-19 related nail designs.

The artist is using the mini-masterpieces to remind people to stay calm, wash their hand and importantly, stay home during this health crisis. Mei kept it comical with “skin tone” press on in the color lavender to match her medical grace gloves.

And aren’t these cool? Mei created a set of 3D bubble nail art in the spirit of everyone washing their hands often to avoid getting sick. Could you rock these?

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