Rest In Peace: Epileptic Woman Gets Eaten Alive By Pet Pigs

Rest In Peace: Epileptic Woman Gets Eaten Alive By Pet Pigs

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February 11th, 2019

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Rest In Peace: Farmer Eaten By Her Pigs While Husband Slept

Elsewhere in the world, a Russia woman is believed to have died after she was devoured by her own pigs.

According to a Newsweek report, a 56-year-old farmer suffered fatal injuries after collapsing during an epileptic fit while feeding her pigs. Unfortunately, the woman was unable to fend for herself, since investigators suspect she was induced by her epilepsy.

Local media reported that her hungry pigs bit into her face, ears, and shoulders as she laid on the floor in a deep sleep. Her identity has not been made public. The woman died of loss of blood at the farm before she was discovered by her husband on February 1, a full day after it is believed she died. He reportedly felt unwell and had gone to bed early on the day she was eaten by the pigs.

Authorities in Russia have launched an investigation into the episode, local law enforcement said in a press release.

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Author: Aiesha Arab

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